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    What other prop firms are there like, etc that give you a book/account to manage, fully funded by the firm?

    I'm looking for a professional firm that allows for remote trading from Europe (EU citizen), a serious long term relationship. It's acceptable that they start out small and grow the funding be as one prove ones worth managing the book.

    Performance based payout, ~15-20% of returns on AUM, generally in line what is the standard in the Managed Futures industry.

    Been trading for 8 years and got refined and tested method for trading the us stock indices. No need from training and support, just a good execution platform and a funded book is enough.
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    I am not aware of ANY firms that put up 100% of capital, no contribution on your part and let you trade remote. I didn't know Title lets you do that. Swift trade has a similar model but no remote trading.
  3. Which begs this question:

    Why is Title not right for OP ?
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    I sincerely doubt that Title or ANY firm allows you to trade REMOTE with no capital contribution. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know.

    Although I never understood why, both Swift and Title don't take deposits or training fees, why couldn't you trade remotely after the "training" period? Risk management can be done remotely as well, no need to be in office. They can stop you out of trades from anywhere...
  5. So, are you shilling for titletrading or expecting people to throw funds at an anonymous 1-post person with a self-claimed track record?
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    Eh? No, I'm just asking for a list of similar prop firms that may offer remote trading positions. You don't know anything do you..
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    Keystone calims that it would let you do it if you show a history of profits. Not suer if it accepts folks from EU.
  9. And just to beg even further...why cant the op make his own money trading his proven system?

  10. no futures ?
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