serious concerns for 10:00:01AM (EST) tomorrow this

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  1. with the way MSFT is tanking in after hours on Thursday and depending on the consumer sentiment at 10:00AM EST friday morning...the market could give back all the gains from today...honestly, was this a 'fake' bull day only to cave into the bears tomorrow...serious concerns for 10:00:01AM(EST)...please weigh in...
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    Well, I chose not to hold anything overnight. Take that as you will.
  3. Do you need a tampon? Just trade.

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    This feels like the 2nd or 3rd time the market has attempted to break out and hasnt, tonight after seeing MSFT and KLAC earnings it looks like technology is going to weigh in on the markets again. Everyone is anticipating a close above 1400 on the SPX until then this market is trading sideways...
  5. watch the NQ, NDX, QQQQ tank hard...leading the YM and ES...but 10:00:01AM EST will mean everything...
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    So sell some futures contracts if it bothers you, that's the emotional thing to do.

  7. All I know is the market is not breaking 13k or 1395 spooz anytime soon. For me, the index's are a short until next week and perhaps into May.

    I could use a gap down overnight, perhaps no cut or just .25 next week. I am strongly against the FED cutting this go around with the markets temporarily bloated.

    I am overweight DXD right now with a target of $52.50 in next week as a hedge to my longs.
  8. good call...load up on QID in the morning...agree?
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    Bought some SDS around 57.20, up about a buck now and thinking I should take profits while its trading around $58.30 AH, thinking some way or another they will try and push the markets up again...
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    Nasdaq futures are holding up well afterhours despite MS's earnings. And MS's earnings weren't awful..they actually beat estimates by 2 cents. They missed their revenue target by a tiny bit.

    I wouldn't look for a huge down day tomorrow.
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