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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fader, Feb 11, 2004.

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    hi all - i trade eurostoxx and s&p eminis - full time, both markets - i am looking to start trading THE BUND - i have been watching this market for a while... - i have looked / searched for some BUND threads on this forum - could not find much useful info - i am looking for quality info on the bund market from people who trade the bund full time - and i mean QUALITY INFO from those who know the market and have had skin in it for a while - things like:

    who are the main players, what are the things to watch for, what are the key times of day / days of the week, what makes the market tick, correlation w/euro fx or US bonds, what other factors are relevant / important for this market etc.

    - this is my first post on this forum, i am not familiar how this works exactly - but from what i have seen, there are a lot of rubbish postings here, pardon my language - i am looking for some useful info here - i'd rather get no responses to this posting than some bull.., that will save me time - i understand that quality info rarely comes for free - i am willing to exchange my knowledge of the eurostoxx / s&p trading - thanks
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    Go ask dR. FILL.
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    hi there Ditch - thanks - is this a memeber or ...?
  4. on the ET home page,if you scroll down the page, there is a section on EUREX. There are a number of great discussions about trading Eurex products including the BUND

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    hi Peter - will check it out - thanks a lot for your help!