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    I'm just starting out in the trading game and and I will put up no false pretense of being overwhelmed and unsure what the best route/course/software to use is.

    I have done investools and I was ok with it - but I didn't love it. I think it's expensive and the software seems good but I don't honestly know if what they're charging is high compared to other software. Anyone have any opinion on this? I know that other programs have the "red" and "green" arrows and of course I understand that is not the total end-all-be-all of trading success :)

    Also I would eventually like to do this for a living but I know it takes time and practice. Any books to recommend to start truly learning the game a little more? There are SOOO many out there.

    What is a good amount to start with? Has anyone been successful starting with only $5K?

    I know my questions seem naive on a point but I want honest and serious advice. I don't want to squander money needlessly for books that say the same thing over and over and programs/software that are pointless.

    Thanks in advance for all the help! I look forward to more posts and learning from fellow traders.
  2. Hi Rj

    I have been trading for 15 years. I use system. Not sure what you trade but you can PM me anytime with questions and i will try and help you.

    If you start with 5k i would trade the NQ not the ES if you are going to trade futures. Or use options to swing trade stocks to get use to reading the charts with small contract size.

    The indicators dont have arrows but turn the bars green and red. You dont take every color change but the blue bars tell you when the move is most likely over OR starting. Here is a snap shot of today ES 3 min chart.

  3. both of you do not need to pay anymore

    the higher line is simple MA 14 exactly, color change can be done in OEC platform

    The lower indicator is ADX 14 without -DI and + DI lines

    blue bars are generated when ADX line makes a swing and comes back to close to original point

    I did this in 15 min
  4. this is not the first time I did something like this

    on ET there is a user hypostomus, I reversed his indicator by breaking his color chart into pixels and correlating price to indicator

    not that it was that good a indic
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    It's spam, retard.
  6. actually my fellow retard

    even such a system can be used to make money if you can do money management
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    Money management doesn't correct for ignorance.
  8. care to elaborate exactly what you mean so I can use it to make a fool out of you

    the plus side, you get to learn money management :)
  9. The ma is a 16 changing color based on 20 ma. the indicator helps me to not short a green bar or go long a red bar. It helps me , so to each is own. I tried many things for years and would always look back on the chart and think why did i just do this or that after the fact. So having the bars stay green or red helps me to know the direction better than without it.

    As far as being a retard not sure about if that was to me. But i can only say this. I have read ET for many years and this is why i never posted anything. When someone asks a question and then someone responds to help them everyone bashes that person. It is not spam i was trying to help someone that maybe as spent allot of money with other big "invest tool" type companies and then find they teach how to trade a MACD cross for 1000;s of dollars.

    timbo, where is the ignorance in what anyone has said so far in this thread? Do your charts look easier to read? Do you know how to use money management? Im confused.

    Funny how there are links to hundreds of sites within ET ,and you say my post is spam.

  10. no, MA is simple MA 14 not 16

    timbo is probably right in that you are just spamming
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