Series7 exam, Kaplan vs. testPerfect, who is better?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by fpga, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. fpga


    For S7 exam preparation, which is better?

    Passperfect is called smart7, Kaplan seems have audio option.

    Any suggestion? Price is about the same (Kaplan is 20 more expensive though)
  2. I have always used Kaplan for those exams, and plan to for level II and II of the cfa exam and soon for the series 3.
  3. I used Securities Training Corp for all of my test prep. If you can pass their practice exams, you will pass the real exams. Its been fifteen years since I used them, but back then, at least, many of the practice exam questions appeared on the actual exam.
  4. I took Dearborn many years ago for S7, S63, S65 and passed them all the first time. I spent a lot of time working on the practice tests and made sure I got at least 95% consistently before I took them for real.
  5. S7 is not MCAT. It doesn't deserve Kaplan's attention. Just read it 2-3 times, take 10 practice tests. No big deal. 20hr-100hr would do for S7.
  6. Series 7??? If anyone needs a prep course for that exam then I will guarantee that person will never make a dime trading. Just study diligently and you'll be fine. You need to know the facts but it's not a critical thinking test at all.
  7. If you know bond yield calculations and simple options, you know half the test already. The rest is just memorizing the stupid regs.