Series7,6! Remote Trading! Working Peroiod?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Diego11, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Diego11


    I currently am studying the material for the series 7.

    My question is if I know the material I can take the exam in order to become a remote trader at a prop firm trading at 10to1 margin?

    Is there a working period I have to fulfill before I begin trading?

    Or if I already have the money then it is question of passing the exam and begining the remote trading?
  2. You have to register with the firm to be sponsored to take the exam. When you pass the exam, you fund your account, and can start trading. 10 to 1 is generally not enough to make do well, IMO (with $20K account anyway). No "working period" is required (at least with Bright).

    Anyway, that's the process.

  3. Diego11



    And house rules as far of minimum daily trading and maintenance requirement. Thing's of that nature exist?


    Are their house rules or general regulations besides those stated in the 7 series book?
  4. If I understand your question correctly.

    "Rules" are basically set by the firm's owners. Series 7 "retail customer stuff" does not apply to Licensed Professional Firms.