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    i am consisering getting sponsered and taking the series seven. i traded for a year at broadway trading and was backed privately and didnt need it. about how much preperation time is needed and what would be the best study material any info appreciated
  2. I used study material from Passperfect ( and found it to be very good. I would recommend you read the material/study the material a few times them focus on the computer based tests/training (cbt) on the CD.

    It took me 4-5 monthes of study before I passed the test. But I only had a few hours a week to study it because of my full time job, commute, etc. I believe that it is recommended that you plan on approx 100-150 hours study time.

    Good luck,
  3. I have taken the STC (Security Training Corporation) class's (evening) here in San Francisco and have their CD based practice test system...I am approaching now consistently 80% and found their study book and support has been excellent.

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  4. I had the Passperfect,Dearborn and STC Material and the STC was by far the best Material.I doubt I would have passed with just the Passperfect Material.I would invest in the STC books/CD'S they have been in the business 30 years.
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    read the book first, do all exams....
  7. I didn't take the classes b/c I hate formal education, but I got the STC books and the testing CD. If you do that, give it about a month, maybe two.
  8. I bought the book, read it, took the practice exams. Decided I needed some help with derivative calculations for speed, and took a 3 day refresher course 1 week before the test. I read the book for about a month or two during the trading day. I ended up doing the best on the derivatives, and the worst on securities regulations.

    Book $50.00 Course $180.00
  9. and ALL of the practice exams that come with it.

    Spend 2 months studying for it ( about 3 chapters per week ) and concentrate on where the biggest weightings of the material occur, like Bonds, etc.

    Be serious about your preparation for the Series 7.
    Believe me, you don't want to have to take this exam a second time!

    Good Luck!
  10. Dude, thats way too much studying. With that effort you should've gotten a 100.
    I pulled a two-allnighters (total 46 hrs studying, 1hr eat/drink/Sh%t, 1hr jerking o## - joke).

    Seriously, you need about solid 50 hours. The exam is not difficult, its just bulky
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