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  1. Anyone take the Series 7 recently? Taking mine in 15 days and wondering if anyone had any tips on it. Thanks.
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    If you don't know the answer pick...C....I am serious....
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    Took it two month ago. Study the questions over and over and over same for the 63 55 24 4 I'm taking all
  4. Muni bonds. Know em cold.
  5. facultus, I passed my series 7 about a year or so ago.

    This is what you need to do......

    Hopefully you are using STC study material, they are the
    closest to the real thing. Dearborne sucks.

    After reading the chapters take about 10 or so practice finals found in the study material over the course of a few days. They are long but you'll get through them.

    If you are scoring around 80%, you should definitly pass.
    On the questions you are getting wrong, go back into the chapter
    and skim over the related material.

    I must stress take a lot of practice finals! This is the key. I scored an 86. Good Luck.
  6. Will they score them after you've taken 'em or is it a long wait for the results?

    Are there more yield calculation questions, or more definitions? What about options and margins?
  7. The computer will tell you imediantly if you passed or failed..:eek:
  8. Ahh, it's been a while, I'm thinking the type of test with #2 pencils and fill in the little squares, its taken on a computer?
  9. Yep, no more #2 pecils. Biggest part of the test is Muni's and Options but like I said practice exams, practice exams, practice exams.
  10. I passed the Series 3 with about 2 days of studying (cramming ) because I have been a futures trader and the exam is a lot of simple calculations and strategies. ( 90 minutes ).

    The Series 7 is an ENTIRELY different animal.
    STC has a review course that includes a review guide that contains 24 CHAPTERS!

    There is a lot of stuff to know.
    Read all the chapters, take the course, and MAKE SURE YOU DO ALL OF THE PRACTICE EXAMS!

    This is not a test that you really want to take again.
    So do it right the FIRST time!

    Good Luck!

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