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    Just to give a little perspective... I failed the first time i took the the test and I know a bunch of guys that failed, too. I had studied about a week and had a deadline to take the test. If you can pass the sample tests you should be able to pass the exam. I figure I studied between 90-110 hours before i took the test the second time and finally passed.

    IMO, it is not an easy test... I knew very little about anything on the test... especially options calculations.

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  2. Fooliosbrother,

    If you can wait for a few months, I'll sell you my study materials. I don't believe that the material is *that* time sensitive...stuff a few months old should be okay. Email me and we can work out a price, time, etc.
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    Jim (airspeed)
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    Thanks Courtney and everyone else.
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  5. Series 7 update...

    I got my study materials yesterday afternoon...rtharp is right, they are time sensitive. Sorry, Robert. :) Best advice is to buy your own sure wouldn't want mine because, after looking at the material yesterday, I can see that I'll be marking up my books a lot.

    You had to be there; when I first looked at the books, I was *not* a happy camper! I kept remarking to my wife,"holy toledo" (or something along those lines)This is WAY beyond anything I want to get in to. I was really intimidated. But later on I had time to give the material a better examination and saw that it isn't all that bad. I already know a lot of it...the part that may give me problems is options...I don't trade them so I'm not up to speed on them.

    BTW, I got my materials from BISYS, formerly Examco.

    Best regards, Jim
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  6. I have taken 3 NASD exams and my advice is learn how to take a test. The material on the exam isn't the most important aspect, knowing how to take a test is. The Series 7 is like any other standardized test. I could give the study material to my 10 yr old cousin and he could learn the concepts. What the NASD tries to do is what any other standardized test tries to do, they word the questions so that if you don't read carefully, one aspect of taking a test, then you will get the question wrong. My advice is learn the concepts and become familiar with the material, but most importantly keep going over the Q & A to get an idea of the structure of the exam. The week preceding your exam you should be doing between 150-250 Q&A per night. Get 80-90 on the practice exams and you will pass the exam first time w/o a problem.
    Hope that this helps
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  7. As far as material goes, I have used 2 companies for my study material for all of my exams. They are:
    Securities Training Corp. -
    Dearborn (Kaplan Test Prep.) -

    Kaplan material comes with a nice CD-rom for the computer that allows you to take practice questions on your computer (the computerized exams on this disk closely resemble how you will take the actual exam at the testing center)and it spots which areas you are weak in. Then when you determine your weak areas, you can develop exams in just those areas to build up your scores.
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  8. Hi,

    I sat the Series 7 yesterday and passed. My advice is to buy some discettes to simulate the test. I answered some 1,500 questions beforehand the two weeks before the test and passed easily. Don't waste any time by reading books, instead use the books to look up questions you don't know the answers to.
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  10. Grotte,

    Way to go! Also, thanks for the advice re the test...that's information I can certainly put to good use.

    Best regards, Jim
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