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  1. for those of you who trade your own capital, and have a series 7... how do you prevent it from expiring?
  2. If you are trading your own capital why would it matter, unless you are thinking in terms of keeping your options open?
  3. exactly, ive had it now for 12 years, its something id like to hold on to.

    none of the traders here had this issue?
  4. axehawk


    Mine expired, but I think if you ever need it, all you have to do is take the continuing education computer test/course.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. not true. if your license has a lapse (after 2yrs of not being registered with a FINRA firm) you will have to retake the series 7 along with any other exam you may have taken/passed.
  6. axehawk


    Guess I'm fucked if I ever need it.
  7. lpchad


    Just more incentive to be successful on your own.
  8. i will contact finra directly... if i am able to find some advice on this ill post it, if anyone is interested...
  9. martymjp


    I would be interested in the answer...I am contemplating leaving my firm and going on my own...thanks!
  10. mtt


    If you have sufficient capital, just go independent.
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