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Discussion in 'Trading' started by JayS, Mar 16, 2003.

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    The following is the BISYS (Examco) Series 7 material I am selling. I purchased it September of 2002 and it has never been used. I will have it up for sale here on EliteTrader for 1 week, on Sunday night March 23 I will put it on Ebay if nobody here purchases it. The price I’m selling it for is $150 + shipping (shipping costs are whatever delivery method the buyer wants and will pay for). Once it goes up on Ebay $150 will be the minimum I will take. I purchased it for $275 + shipping at the following link:;;74

    I will take payment via PayPal, if you have never paid someone using PayPal it very easy and zero cost to you. Before people ask, I never used it because I decided to go a different route getting my Series 3 for Futures & Commodities.

    Below is a picture of the actual materials you will be purchasing. Post any questions here or PM me.

    Jay from Houston, TX
  2. JayS