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  1. Double checked and I believe it is D.

    Instead of having to cast all 800 votes 3 different candidates, cumulative lets you cast all 2,400 for one candidate. They can cast 800 for one candidate and 800 for each candidate.

    Bene a while since my test double check it..
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  3. It's D. Thanks for all the replies but I got confused thinking, is the vote from the person who has the 800 shares or for the person in the vacated seat. I'm not sure how to put it, it's just I'm confused who's who.

    Well, that's just a question in the beginning of the book anyway. I guess I'll see in more detail in the rest of the book. lol
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  4. I used dearborn/kaplan a few years ago and passed with an 87%
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  5. The shareholder owns 800 shares. There are 3 seats open to vote for, that equals 2400 votes. Shareholder allocates as he sees fit in 800 share lots.

    Take the practice exams, over and over, they keep re-asking you same/similar questions and pop up explanations. Seems to work pretty well.

    Or just take the cram course, get the darn thing out of the way.

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    One of the hardest aspects of the Series 7 exam is the nuances of how the questions are worded, i had to re-read a couple of them to understand exactly what was being asked.
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    Ya...That was also my experience.
    The exam asks you a question and there's a correct answer and also a more correct answer." Read the questions carefully."

    You'll do fine...........

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  8. the hardest part for me was learning useless municipal bond regulations and requirements. ZZZZZzzzz
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  9. I have an idea what you mean. Right now I'm reading the first 46 pages on getting ready for the exam. It's so boring I have a hard time concentrating. lol
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