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    What is the best book/way to prepare for the series 7?
    How long did it take you to prepare for the test?
  2. cane1214


    I used whatever materials the firm gave me. I suggest studying hard about a month before the exam.
  3. bathrobe


    There are several websites that offer practice tests one of them is

    I cannot comment on how good these test are for preparing you for the real deal.
  4. sun170


    For the 7 I used STC Study guide and a dearborn CD for practice/final exams.

    Read the guide then just do the practice exams over and over. The questions were almost identical on the test.
  5. That's exactly what I was going to say: I read the chapters once and then took the practice tests repeatedly--they get into your head what the test givers want you to know. It took me about three weeks of studying in all, and I did well on my first attempt.
  6. agree w/ above

    read materials (also used STC and Dearborn - some sections are covered more intensively depending on what you use)
    make sure you have the most up-to-date materials (the rules are a changin')
    repeatedly take CD practice exams
    print out each question you get wrong in between and review (you may not think something is important while studying - then it appears as an exam question)
    once you start consistently scoring 90% on the CD exams you are ready
    review all of the questions you got wrong (again) the night before the test
    3 weeks is about right (make it 4-5 if you plan on enjoying a weekend out on the town...conservatively study 2-3 hours per night and then pick a full day on the weekend and do nothing else...don't want to make it sound difficult but there is a LOT of material to cover...the hardest part is simply enduring the exam...oh yeah, don't drink too much coffee ahead of time and get plenty of sleep the night before)
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    I never read the book nor studied any of the chapters. My firm provided me with a comprehensive STC study disk that I studied and memorized for about 3 months. Although I did pass the first time ,It was the longest and toughest exam I've ever taken.

    Best of luck to you,

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  8. I have a weird question if anyone wants to answer. I'm reading "Series 7 Exam for Dummies" which has a question where they ask: A stockholder owns 800 shares of WHY common stock, WHY stockholders were given cummulative voting rights. If therer are three vacancies on the board of directors, stockholders can cast any of the following votes EXCEPT

    (A) 800 for one candidate
    (B) 800 for each candidate
    (C) 2,400 for one candidate
    (D) 900 for each candidate

    I'm sorry for sounding dumb, but I mean, who's the candidate? I mean 2,400 for one candidate doesn't seem to make sense. It's 3 people right?
  9. I'm going to go out a limb here, LOL. I say D. 3 seats, x 800 shares, 800 for each or all 2400 cumulative voting (rights) shares.

    (It's been a while, don't hold me to this).

    Don :D
  10. It's in the material, that much I can tell you. I'm not 100%, but my thinking is the answer is D; I think you are allotted one vote per vacancy for each share you own and that you can distribute them as you wish. IF this is in fact the case (and that's a big IF, I took this three years ago and this is off the top of my head--again, the answer will definitely be in the chapters) then C is possible, but D is not. However, I may be missing or be incorrect.
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