Series 7 vs. CFA level I

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  1. I'm currently studying for the CFA level I but also would like to prepare for the Series 7 if hired by a trading firm. I hear that there's a bit of overlap in material in both exams.. can anyone confirm?
  2. CFA exponentially harder. I'm sure there is some overlap, i've passed both and I don't really remember.

    series 7, just learn options, muni's and the SEC act of 33 and 34 I think were big topics

    CFA more CAPM stuff.

    i am 100% sure neither will help you trade.

    series 7, then u sell like a used car salesman

    cfa, write research reports
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    CFA1 is much harder. Much more material.

    You should have your employer pay for these as paying to get them to improve your market value is of little value.
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    There is little overlap other than they deal with financial topics. You should be able to pass the Series 7 with a couple weeks of studying. Know some definitions, some options, some regulations and you'd do fine.

    The CFA exam is entirely different. It tests your knowledge of ethics/ quant/ accounting/ econ/ equity/ fixedinc/ derivatives and portfolio management. Much more in depth.

    I passed both. Studied about 10 hours for Series 7 about 150 hours for CFA level 1.
  5. I have a CFA and Series 7 - though my 7 expires next week.

    CFA (any level) infinitely mroe difficult that the 7. Sure there is a little overlap but I think 7 (took it in 2002) is much more regulatory than CFA.
  6. :p

    Don't compare the two.

    I'm currently doing my level I CFA.... That test is 100000 times harder than the Series 7. Series 7 is a joke and only necessary if you work at a broker-dealer where you interact with clients. The hedge fund world and prop traders no longer need a Series 7. Plus you need to be sponsored by a firm.

    There is a 33% passing rate for the CFA Level I... and there are a total of 3 levels. CFA is a international credential and you are competng against the studious Chinese and Indians... still 67% fail. I only plan on completing Level I.

    Just google to understand the differences.

    BTW, early registration for CFA Level I is $1,000 so it is expensive. More importantly, the CFA won't make you a profitable trader.... but it sure will make you very knowledgable. Your credibility is also higher in the job market.
  7. Honestly I learned a lot studying for the CFA but I think it's a waste at this point. The financial industry is in shambles and I have little faith it will resemble anything close to what it was 2 years ago over the next 10 years. Does the CFA help you some job wise? Maybe, but just a little. The guys that have it love for others to get it but the guys that don't have it could care less. Do some top notch people have it? Yes - but my guess is that most of the Stevie Cohens, PTJs etc don't care.

    If I had it to do over again, I would have spent the time studying for an MBA - and even though I know that too is overrated I think it has more pull in the real world.
  8. riskymove...

    I couldn't agree with you more
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    Great post bro! I agree. I have the S7, and S66. The CFA and S7 are WORLDS apart! Level I CFA is harder imo. I passed the CFA I, and failed CFA II:(

    Oh well...
  10. I spent a month studying for the CFA before ditching it. Felt like college all over again, studying for something you'll never really get to apply like it's shown/taught in the material. Big bragging right, kinda like an economist with a Ph.D. Totally broke, but overly educated with inapplicable knowledge. Time is better allocated to other things...
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