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    I could use some help, I am trying to study (at home) using pass perfect Series 7 system and I really need to have some coaching or at least "in-class" prep work before I take my test, does anyone know if their are ANY Series 7 prep companies in the California Bay area, preferably in the San Jose/Santa Clara area?

    <ANY> help would be much appreciated as my search's only turned up one in San Francisco so far, which is ok but I was hoping their would be more training centers available.

    Thanks in advance for your help....

    Good trading all...

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    STC and Dearborn are probably the two biggest trainers for the 7 and I've heard good things about both. STC has classes in Sac, San Jose, and SF.
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    Thank you bothso much..also Rtharpe I going to try and pm you, I have some questions for you that can be taken care of off-line.

    Good trading all.....

  4. You don't need trainers. The test is fairly simple, ONLY if you do the following:

    1) Get both the official Series 7 training book and the book of 15 actual tests from the NASD.

    2) Study the section on options in the training book until you know them well.

    3) Do every test TWICE. The first time you'll get more than half of the questions wrong because you don't know the material. READ the answers to each question and understand them and then immediately redo the test. You should then get at least 90% (since you already know the answers). Then proceed to the next test. Try to do at least one or two tests a day. You'll notice that each test gets progressively harder because they build on the material from the previous tests. By the time you've finished the 15th test, you'll have a good understanding of all of the pertinent concepts. Tests 7 and 8 are similar to the actual Series 7 in terms of level of difficulty.

    This method will also familiarize yourself with the way questions are structured in the test and prepare you for traps. This is by far the most effective way to prepare for the Series 7. I studied for 3 weeks using this method and got a 90% (all you need is a 70). I also took a 5 day class and didn't get anything out of it. Save your money.

    Good luck!
  5. Do exactly what goldenarm suggests...I went one step further and threw my book out the window. that way its just you and the tests.........
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    where do I find these NASD test's are they included in the Pass Perfect course I bought???? Any help much appreciated again...



    you may find what you need and ask for just the tests....

    I wish you much luck
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    maker sure that you learn about

    us. securities and agencies along with options. if you study (like there is no tomo) them you shouldnt have a hard time passing the exam.
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