Series 7 to expire: HELP

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by PhillyTrader, Mar 16, 2004.

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    speak to the compliance dept. see if they can put you on effective immiediately, or if not speak to someone at the nasd for further assistance... but if you want the quick easy way out, try what i wrote before...
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    See this post from June '03 (point #3)

    Dont play games with the NASD, they've caught on to "parking", in the Oct '03 NASD Bulletin. If anything stop into a local MetLife and speak with the sales manager, tell him you'd like to sell life insurance...ASAP. If your U4 is clean, they'll TAT you over within a few days. Take it from there...
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  3. Thanks Ram,
    I was thinking of stopping in to a local Primerica office. I know they'll take anyone. May have to get ins license first though- don't know their 'training' process...
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    Your welcome...

    Most of those firms require Series 6 and L&H. You've got the 7, so that takes care of the 6. Tell them you'll study for L&H after they TAT the 7. Stats show that 6 is harder test than L&H, thats based on my friends opinion...he's a regional manager for Met. So they may snap you up since you've got the 7.
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