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    If you are taking the Series 7 and have a specific date you want to start trading for a pro firm (in my case Bright) how long before that date do you need to schedule the test?

    For example, I'm looking at being ready to trade 9/2. Would I want to take the test one week before (8/26)? I'm not sure of the process. For example, how do they get the results sent to the firm? By mail? If so, are they mailed the following day? Is the only step left funding the account?
  2. I haven't taken the 7 yet (next month probably) but I've taken plenty of exams through Prometrics and I know that they administer the 7 in my area.

    When you take any test at a Prometrics center the exam is graded on the spot and before you leave they give you a pass or fail certificate with your score on it. They'll also take care of advising NASD of the result.

    From that point on you have an official proof of completion and you should be in business even though you have not received your official documents yet. Check with your firm though, they're the ones who will know for sure...

  3. Just curious, but does Bright make you pass the series 55 in addendum to the 7 . Just passed the 7 and now i have to study for the 55. Not so fun. I WANT TO TRADE.:( :(

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    It depends on what state you're in whether or not you need series 55.
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    No. I wasn't sure. That was just what I'd heard. Thanks for the link.
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    actually the 63 is required for prop traders in tennesee.
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    at any firm will answer all of your questions.
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