Series 7 test - timing

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  1. m22au


    Are the two 3 hour sessions two separate tests?

    i.e. Can you go back to a question from the first 3 hours after you have had the 30 minute break?

    Are there 2 * 125 question tests, or is it just 250 questions broken up into 2 * 3 hour sessions?
  2. axehawk


    no, you cannot go back after the break. But I don't remember it being 6 hours long?
  3. m22au


    Thanks axe.

    Does each 3 hour session have 125 questions?

    If I finish the first session in 1 hour, can I use that time to start the next second session early - or is there only 3 hours per session?
  4. axehawk


    General Securities Representative - (Series 7)

    - 250 multiple choice questions - administered in two parts of 125 questions each; 3 hours testing time for each part. This registration qualifies a candidate for the solicitation, purchase, and/or sale of all securities products, including corporate securities, municipal securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products, and variable contracts.

    Wow! I forgot it was 6 hours long.
  5. lescor


    When I wrote it there was mandatory 1 hour break between sessions. I went for lunch and looked at my textbook. You can't go back over questions from the first half once you are finished it.
  6. nobody takes 6 hrs unless they don't speak very fluent English.

  7. m22au


    Thanks everyone for their help :)
  8. Bootsie


    So, how in the hell do I get sponsered. I want to take the test but I don't have a firm. Am I up the creek?

    Lost north of the border.:confused:
  9. m22au


    You have to have a sponsoring firm in order to take the 7.

    Why would you want to take the test if you weren't intending on joining a firm?
  10. Bootsie


    That's the hole point.

    It's my desire to join a firm and in order to do so, I'm going to take the test. The test is not the problem, it's convincing a firm to take me, that's the problem... I can breeze through the test.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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