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    One that I used was Bisys. They formed a securities liscense study material from about 3 other companies when they wanted to get into the business, including the formerly known Examco. The guy I talked to recommended using the online review tests instead of the disks. The online version was good for me because I could cut-and-paste my wrong answers into MS Word format to study at a later time after printing them out.

    I would say that it's a hard test, but passable. I didn't pass my first time. Then reread the book, and took a couple of thousand more review questions. Some people more time to study and some less time - just depends on the person. Many questions were on options and bonds. Don't give up though.

    I would agree to get the latest version, because while I was studying I think they changed the maximum that you can contribute to an IRA to $3000 instead of $2000. Some of the changes can mess you up because of the law changes.
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    Does anybody have the 12th edition Dearborn series 7 material with the cd rom that they would like to sell? I am interested in buying a used one.

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    hey i have the dearborn 10th with the cd. i will be taking my test tomorrow and tell you how i do. using this book exclusively also it comes with two audio cassettes.
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