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    >>Average your test scores from tests 7-11 second time through.<<

    From which book?
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  2. I only took the first few pratice tests (STC), and never scored higher than a 70 on practice tests, however scored an 83 on real series 7. I thought my test had been put on hold but got a call the night before that my test was still on, hadn't studied in 2 weeks.

    The reason I scored so high was in my ability to take tests well.
    Make sure you use the workbook as a memory jog, if you come across a question that you're absolutely sure of the correct answer but didn't know the others than right down the new info you just "learned". When you walk in right down everything that you remember, etc. Just some hints.
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  3. Note cards helped me a lot. Write down important stuff on index cards. They are great for cramming.

    The practice tests can be VERY different from the real thing in regard to difficulty. Some test prep companies seem to like to make the practice tests harder than the real thing.

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    stay calm, the key thing is moving thru the test at a faster pace on the first round and get all ? that you know the answer, this will leave you more time to concerntrate on more difficult ? If you absolutely don't know the answer, write down the question so you can study for them the next time.
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  5. And be prepared for a warm or cold temperature in the test center. The day I took my test, it was 95 outside, but Sylvan had the AC cranked, and I was freezing.
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    Was wondering if anyone has current books for the 7 and the 55 that they are willing to part with at discount prices. I'm a new trader just getting into the business and I'm trying to save up on capital. E-mail to Thanks

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  7. What is the difference between the series 62 exam and the series 7 exam? Could a trader pass the 62 instead of the 7? Whats the tradeoff?

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    A. The General Securities Representative Examination (Series 7) is an entry-level examination that qualifies the individual for registration with all self-regulatory organizations to trade:

    corporate stocks and bonds,
    real estate investment trusts (REITs)
    collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs)
    municipal securities,
    options—equity, debt, index, and foreign currency,
    investment company products/variable contracts, and
    direct participation programs.

    The Corporate Securities Limited Representative Examination (Series 62) satisfies an NASD qualification requirement for individuals who will trade corporate securities only. These include:

    corporate stocks and bonds,
    REITS, and

    <i>[NASD Membership and Registration Rules 1032(a) and 1032(e) - General Securities Representative and Limited Representative Corporate Securities]
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    I'm currently looking at a pro firm (Echo) to start trading with. I now want to get started studying for my series 7. When browsing the web I found :

    Has anyone used this ??

    If there's anyone willing to sell me their series 7 books / cd's I would be glad to buy them.Off course I'm only interested in the latest versions.
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