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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Rushman, Aug 4, 2001.

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    Hi guys. I was wondering whether anyone out there has any study materials for the Series 7 exam that they are willing to sell for a fair price? I'm joining Echotrade soon and will be taking the exam in about 4 weeks. I would REALLY appreciate the chance to purchase this stuff second hand, rather than pay the high cost of buying it new. I'm ready to buy immediately. Thanks.
  2. janko


    hey rushman, i got the whole thing from passperfect, i have the books, the sample test and i have series 63 as well. i took the class at schwab, they sponsored me, i went thorugh a month long training class where i took tests and the usual study stuff. if you study it and understand some basic finance stuff i dont think you should have any problems. i live in orlando, so unless youre local we'd have to ship this, and i dont know how much the shipping would be or waht the material is worth, make me an offer.
    try my e-mail
  3. travisdu


    The best place to get study materials for the Series 7 and 63 is the second largest market in the world. Thats right Ebay. Thats were I got mine, usually can save between 50-60%. Still havent come across series 55 stuff there though.
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    Just thought I'd take the opportunity to publicly express my appreciation to janko, who's been generous enough to send me his Series 7 study materials for nothing other than the cost of shipping! Of course, I'm insisting on paying him fair market value for the stuff, but nonetheless I was impressed by just getting the offer. I would venture to say that this kind of generosity definitely contributes to building a community spirit amongst traders. Thanks again janko!

  5. janko


    Geeez Rushman, youre making me blush overhere, hey no problem, i figure if i can help a fellow trader - well then why not. Good luck in taking the 7, i am willing to bet that you'll pass. Confidence, got to have it!!!
    good luck
  6. I also have series 7,63 books from STC, if I find them somebody can have them for the price of shipping...I think they're in the garage somewhere...when I find them I'll post. They may have some marks/notes in them.
  7. janko


    I was wondering if any of you know rushman personally, i think hes somwhere in canada. I would like to get in touch with him. i tried his email but no responses. I sold him my series 7 materials but have yet received any type of compensation from him. He did pass the test and is now trading with echo last i heared. I told him that if he cant afford the 50 bucks, to send me at least 20 to cover my shipping fees (orlando to canada -priority 1) but i havent receieved that either. So if any of you know rushman or have his "new" email adress, can you forward it on? so that i can at least find out the status of that. Its not that the 20 bucks is braking the bank here but it is the principal of the transaction between a fellow elite member. Thnx for helping out guys.
  8. Rushman

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    Hey, Janko, I got your e-mail and I have not had time to reply until now. I'm working 14 hour days right now, and not getting home until late. I went back to work as a lawyer last week to save some more capital. Was trading ok but could only trade small share lots because not enough starting capital. I am going to send you the $50 as soon as I successfully sell the materials to someone else, who will pay me the $50. I was lined up with one guy recently but it fell through when his cheques didn't show. Another guy has e-mailed me recently and I'm hoping to set up the sale with him soon. I'm not stiffing you, dude, don't worry. By the way, everyone, I have nothing to say but good things about Echo - they are a top notch outfit. I just need to save more trading capital, that's all. I will post a detailed message re: my experiences with Echo when I have more time this weekend. Janko, hang in there, your $$ is coming. Hope your saving me some of them beautiful Florida babes for me, too. :cool:
  9. janko


    hey rushman, dont sweat it. save the money and get back on the horse and let us know what its like to start out trading for echo. i;m sure there are a few of us who are eager to hear from ya. and yes the honies down here are waiting, all you got to do is hop in that private jet of yours and swing on by>>>:D
  10. rcreal


    If any body has the Series 7 exam material they are absolutely dying to get rid of, please let me know.

    I'm looking to take the test in Jan 02.

    Thank you.
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