Series 7 Study Material

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  1. I recently passed the series 7 with over a 90 using the Pass Perfect study material. The practice exams are similar to or harder than the actual exam. If you can pass the practice tests you are almost certain to pass the Series 7 exam.

    The bundle retails for $350, but I will sell it for $160. I have not written in any of the books and they are in near perfect condition.

    Included are:
    - Study program Volume I
    - Study Program Volume II
    - Chapter Exams (good to identify weak areas)
    - Final Exams (11 exams- 5 are “average” and 6 are “difficult”. I took six of these exams in the last week before taking the exam which helped me a lot.
    - Series 7 Glossary
    - Quick 7 summarized guide (easy to carry with you- good for review)
    - Series 7 Databank for Windows
  2. Is this still available? If so, I might be interested, send me a PM