Series 7 Study Material Wanted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dojistar, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. dojistar


    I am going to start studying for my series 7 exam,if any traders have any material they want to sell can you send me a PM.
  2. dgmodel

    dgmodel Guest

    i have the stc book for the seven along with the exams... plus 63, 6, and some others...
  3. dojistar


    Thanks but I am really looking for Training CD'S or the Disks,
  4. if you cant find anyone to sell you used (i lent my 7 stuff to my father)
    try educationa training systems,
    they were so cheap and the materials are nice and concise. they arent popular you wont hear them like dear born=good materials but grossly over priced.
    this is who i used but it was a few years ago too
  5. Kaizen


    There is some on ebay right now with disks and tapes. I saw it last night. Pretty good book. I've used Dearborn and Bisys and the Bisys stuff is a bit better IMO. Might check there, I think the auction had 2-3 days left.

    good luck with test.