Series 7 Sponser In Ontario

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by xtoronto, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. xtoronto


    Does anybody know any Series 7 sponsors in Ontario. Also what other licence or memberships would I need (CSC etc.)?
  2. wucah


    Can't you just sign up for the course without a sponsor? I am sure they do testing in toronto. Just look at NASD Website. And CSC is a canadian course for mutal founds salepeople i don't see how the two could be related? One is from NASD the other from OSC. I really don't know if you need a sponsor though.

  3. Surdo


    The NASD's juristiction is the USA, why would you need a series 7 in Canada? Please do a little research before you post retarded questions.

    e s
  4. wucah


    Maybe he is looking at a job in states? Mabe he works for Don Bright and they need series 7 even in Canada. Not sure about legality of this, but don bright i guess would rather be safe than sorry and not happy to explain to nasd why he has traders under him without series 7.

  5. xtoronto


    Spend a little time thinking before you reply to a post next time.
  6. Surdo


    I will be a man and admit I posted in haste, and know nada about licensing requirements, north of the border.

    I have many Canadian friends and hope I did not offend anybody.

    el surdo
  7. GGSAE


    I'm a trader in Eastern Ontario that needed the series 7. I was sponsored so i 'm not 100% sure if you need a sponsor or not.

    You will have to take the test in the states, however. They don't deliver the series 7 exams to Canada, which of course makes sense. I went through a pearson testing centre, there's probably like 20 in NY state alone, so find one close to you.

    And of course there is no CSC or anyother requirement.
  8. lescor


    You can take NASD courses, including the series 7, through the PROCTOR system. It's an online testing system and Thompson Learning Centers is one of the private companies that administers them, there may be others.

    I wrote my series 7, 55 and 63, plus the continuing ed exams at a Thompson Learning Center in Canada. It's not necessary to travel to the states to do the exams.
  9. Daryn


    CSC is not for MF sales reps. It is the Canadian equivalent of S7 and is the basic requirement for those entering the financial industry in Canada. Completing CSC and CPH are the initial requirements for licensing as an IA. Once employed you would also have to complete a 3 month in-house training as well as the PFPC within 30 months. If all you want to do is sell mutual funds you only have to take the Investment Funds Course which is much more basic in nature. If memory serves me correctly you can order study materials for the S7 but in order to take the exam you will need to have a sponsor. Also, Sylvan Learning Centers in Canada as well as other locations, I am sure, allow you to take the test in most if not all major Canadian cities. I wrote mine in Vancouver.