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  1. Hey everyone

    Well studied for two months with the STC book and took all the practice exams and was receiving scores in the high 70's. I failed the 7 today with a 60% pretty bummed out.

    Can anyone give me any advice on how they studied and the best study material available? I also have the Empire Stockbroker book and questions book with it is that better then the STC?

    Looking to take it again in 30 days. Any advice I would really appreciate it.
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    Three strikes and your out!
  4. it was pure luck for me.... I crammed the studies in 5 days and didn't take any practice tests until the night before. and I was scoring 60 avg on 5 practice tests!!!! I went to the testing site already aiming for a retake. got lucky and score 77. maybe sitting in front of a computer calmed me down????
  5. Take the Kaplan Tests... much harder... and when you miss a question print screen the question and answers to Microsoft Word so you can go over and over your mistakes after the test is over... take 40 of their tests with 125 questions each time and make sure you have all 17 test categories included on each test each time... Options, Regs, Bonds, etc...
  6. Robert Walker - pass the 7.
  7. Proptrader35,

    I studied hard for about 3 months.
    I took my 7 in March of 08 and scored a 90.
    I used the smart7 program
    in combination with a CD from Kaplan that has over 3000 questions.

    I believe it's best to have two sources of information because no source offers comprehensive info and you will find info in one that you dont find in the other and vica-versa.

    Smart 7 has 10 sections along with a midterm and final for a total of 12 sections. You must pass all sections, the midterm and then 4 out 6 finals to pass the program.

    I also answered all 3000 + questions from the Kaplan CD.
    Yes I know...many will think that was overkill in terms of preparation but I wanted to be sure that I passed and I wanted to pass with a nice score (just for the sake of the academic challenge because I've been out of school for over 20 years) It was also a chance to see if my study habits were still good.

    On the CD, I kept a log of all the questions I was wrong on and I kept going over them until I understood everything. Kaplan CD allows you to customize your quiz in a multitude of ways therefore I only took quizes on the sections I was weak in and eventually ignored the sections I consistently scored above 90.
    I scored in the 90-100 range on the CD finals and then and only then did I feel I was ready to take the exam.
  8. You need to score in the 90s consistently before you are ready to take the test. You've got to know the bond yield and options stuff cold. The rest is just memorization.
  9. I failed today also on the Series 7. I failed with a 69% 173 questions!!!

    I also took the 63 two months ago and also failed with a 67% !!!

    I'm using both kaplan materials. I was recommend by several people. What sucks is i just brought all the material last year. And both books are already out dated!!!

    I'm not sure what to do also. I was thinking about buying the pass perfect or the stc materials now.
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    a. study your balls off until they turn blue and you get an 85% on the STC exams.

    b. get a graduate degree and forget about trading, you won't make a living doing it anyway@ some prop bucket shop.
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