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  1. I think that my series 7 has expired. Does anybody know what the renewal process is ?
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    Start studying!:D
  3. yeah, I guess you are right. Does the new test cover ecn's ?
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    Please excuse the ignorance of a newbie like myself, I hope to make worthwhile contributions to this site as soon as I begin trading (a little over a month). But, the Series 7 expires?? I recently passed mine and this is news to me. After how long? I assume that you just have to take an abbreviated test to renew it. If somebody could shed light on this subject, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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    The Series 7 expires if you are not with a sponser firm for 2 years(I think it is 2 years). I think you have to completely re-take you exam.
  6. It expires after 2 years,but only if it is not held at a firm.It can be transferred if you leave one firm and go to another.
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    This is exactly right. Additionally, now there is a continuing education requirement....which is very easy, but it has to be kept up to date.
    I don't remember anything about ECN's on the 7 but now the series 55 is required to trade OTC. And it covers ECN's and a whole lot of stuff that seems pretty irrelavent to traders. But the rules are the rules.
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    it also depends on what you want to use it for. if you plan on being a broker for merril lynch you will probably have to take the exam again. but if you are wanting to trade for a prop firm like echo then it can be grand fathered.
  9. What do you mean by grand fathered?Also,does Echo require a series 55 to trade Nasdaq?
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