Series 7 Prep (Again)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Rc51Rob, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Rc51Rob


    I know this thread has been beaten to death but I am starting to study for the 7 before I visit Mr. Bright in March (thanks Don) and was wondering if anyone here had some prep guides they would like to sell, I would prefer STC but if anyone has anything else let me know.

    Also I did come across this with a guarantee, looks kinda fishy but has anyone tried it?
  2. pux03


    try dearborn

    I used them and had good success, also you can retake the classes for free if fail
  3. Call me in the office, mid trading day...I will ask my new boot campers if any of them will cut loose for half price or something.

    Don 800.249.7488
  4. nysegi


    I highly recommend Dearborn, I bought mine on ebay for $100 new, it included the study guide, cd rom(practice test), an audio cd study guide and 7 written practice tests, The guy I bought mine from sells regularly, I emailed him and offered to deal outside of ebay, he agreed and I rec'd mine right away. Great guide.
  5. Turlo


    After you get the material, read over each chapter. Then take the tests over and over again. Many of the same questions are on the exam. If you can get a set of 10 or so practice exams just take them over and over until you are in the 90's. This is what I did with a limited amount of time (3 weeks) and scored an 89 a few years ago....... good luck!:cool:
  6. Rc51Rob


    Found a set of STC videos on Ebay for a decent price, hopefullly that'll help me get through the 7, thanks to everyone for all your help.