Series 7 Pass Perfect bundle for sale

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  1. I purchased the PassPerfect bundle about four months ago, and just passed the series 7 exam with a 94. I found their practice exams were harder than the actual exam. I was mainly getting about 80 on the “difficult” practice exams. So if you can take enough of the practice exams you are almost certain to pass.

    The bundle retails for $350, but I will sell it for $200. I have not written in any books and they are in near perfect condition.

    Included are:
    - Study program Volume I
    - Study Program Volume II
    - Chapter Exams (good to identify your weak areas)
    - Final Exams (11 exams- 5 are “average” and 6 are “difficult”. I took six of these exams in the last week before taking the exam which helped me a lot.
    - Series 7 Glossary
    - Quick 7 summarized guide (easy to carry with you- good for review)
    - Series 7 Databank for Windows

    I live in the NY area (Long Island). If you live there, I can meet you to drop off the books. If not I will ship them and add the shipping cost (probably around $8).

    George Spritzer
    Send me a message or e-mail.