Series 7 or no Series 7?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Trader0123456, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Series 7 or no Series 7? Whats the difference between these prop firms in terms of advantages to the trader?

  2. Anyone for this question? Is there any advantage to obtaining a Series 7 license?
  3. I understand that a Series 7 is for firms with memberships on certain exchanges, but is there an advantage for a prop firm to have a membership on such an exchange, for example, better fills, or is there no advantage?
  4. for the firm yes
    for you no

  5. s7 are required by the prop firm if it is under a certain exchange. PHLX firms require it

    cboe/cbsx firms do not require it

    no real advantage such as fills, leverage etc. simple as "who is the prop firm's SRO"
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    Thanks for the consensus. I was curious whether a prop trader becomes registered at the FINRA Broker Check once the U-4 is submitted from a CBSX-registered firm (as the fingerprint card is for FINRA). I know that Assent requires its traders to have the Series 7, for example, but a lot of the other shops seem unable to sponsor.
  7. Just go CBOE