Series 7--need a sponsor!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by VenusofUrbino, Sep 24, 2001.

  1. I have been considering trading pro for awhile, but I am not finding any info on firms that will sponsor someone to take the 7. I have emailed a few random firms to no avail. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places. What kind of experience or credentials are they looking for? BTW I live in Chicago. Thanks in advance for any info you might have.
  2. Fletch


    Echo trading and Bright trading (along with other pro firms) will sponsor you if you plan on trading with them.

  3. travisdu


    Do you want to open an account to get sponsored? I mean do you have the money for that or are you looking for another means to do it?

  4. I have under 10k thanks to this month :( . I was looking for another way to get it if possible, otherwise I will have to wait until I get enough $$$ to sign on w/Echo. I have been wanting to take the exam even before I started trading, but I didn't finish my degree, which I think traditional brokers want before sponsoring. Thanks for replying.