series 7--is it still 25k down?

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  1. if i go prop and get my 7mare the days of 5k down and 20-1 marhin over with that amount? i realize 20-1 still will exist at a prop with a license but will the sec not force all llc traders to have 25k? any capital contribution with constitute broker/dealer?
  2. i killed that post. sorry, getting tired. will the sec now force prop firms who require any amount of capital to make sure a trader maintains 25k in an account? i realize he or she can get more leverage but will the 25k rule be enforced?
  3. Our traders tend to start with between $20K - $50K (no more than $100K to begin with).

    We work with our traders is their account falls, we may change some risk parameters, but we're aware that there are fluctuations (heck, we all trade every day, and I know my account certainly fluctuates, LOL).


  4. Dont quote me on the accuracy of this but I think the way it works is that....(Someone else might chime in and confirm it...Don?)

    Once you have the series 7 then qualify to become whats called a Class B member of the firm and such designation means you are essentially a partner with the firm (except you dont get to share in the firm's overall profits) As a partner you get an allocation of the profits based on the subaccount (your deposit)
    therefore the 25K rule is still applicable but its applied to the master account instead of the subaccounts. Its the master account from which you only get your rightful share. (based on your performance)
  5. Your info is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the clarification!