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  1. csean19


    i know there have been previous posts on this

    i am taking the series in 4 days and know the material moderately e.g getting about 50% on the practice exams.

    what should i do in the next few days so that i can pass the test?

    any help would be much appreciated
  2. Dude you're in bad shape...if your getting 50s 4 days before the exam you will most likely fail.

    So, I hope you are using STC study material, they are by far the best. Re-read the sections that you are getting wrong. Go back back take another practice exam, repeat until you are getting 80's and you will pass.
  3. csean19


    sorry, i meant i was getting 60's.

    i am using the STC material

    so is studying from the exams the best method?
  4. Yes, just take the exams over and over again. You will see literally the exact same questions on the real test. I agree with the previous post though. You should be getting 80's and 90's on these practice exams.

    I took 10 complete practice exams before I took the test.

    Good luck!
  5. I agree.

    Get at least 80's on practice exams.

    Should be scoring higher though.

    Also, keep in mind TIME on the practice tests.
  6. know options well as they make a good % of the test. Best of luck and let us know how it goes. BTW, when you press the button at the end and wait for the score will seem like an eternity...