Series 7 For Prop?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by PAL5700, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. PAL5700


    i have traded for myself (market maker bd) for 8 yrs.. i am now going to be joining a prop firm, and am wondering why i need a series 7. i will not have any customers. i tried to do a search in pro firms, but couldnt find anything when i searched "series 7".... any help is appreciated.....
  2. because thats the rule. its like saying why can't i speed in the country when nobody else is on the road. it might not make sence and you might not like it but suck it up because thats the law.
  3. Ebo


    As a trader for an LLC, you are technically trading "Other people's money", along with your own!

    BROKER BOY nice explanation !

  4. your being techincal but then a guy will come back and say i get 4 to 1 or margin as a custumer. so i like to teach people like you teach children and just say because you can't. haha
  5. Ebo


    A retail "customer" , does not need a Series "7".
    Its your own money. A "prop" trader in an LLC does, PERIOD.

    Check out the spellcheck function below!
    You might look slightly more intelligent.

  6. what if it is a privately funded LLC ?

    surfer :confused:
  7. ebo where did i say a customer needs a 7.
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    You are right................Have a nice day!
  9. leverage


    If the firm you are going to trade with is a member of an exchange, then you'll need to be series 7 certified, other than that you don't need to be.