series 7 fingerprints?

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  1. i just resigned from a bank which is the sponsor of my S7. Now, i am going to work in a non b/d firm. I am based in Asia and will start daytrading (nighttrading) US stocks via a firm that requires S7. I am told to MAIL in my fingerprints to re-register the S7. Is it for real? how does it generally work when switching S7 sponsors?
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    You not only need to send in new fingerprint but they have to be ink prints on specific cards with bar codes. They should mail you the finger print cards if you can't get them near you.
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    It's been a while since I had to do that but I just remember getting a new finger print card done (at the police station) and U4 paperwork. I don't see any problem in mailing your fingerprint card if that's what your worried about.
    Good luck with the new job :)

  4. Probably the nearest U.S. consulate can do it for you if you get the blank cards from the b/d or the regulator and take them in.

    They probably will not accept fingerprints taken by a foreign police department.
  5. that sounds as cumbersome as the immigration office
  6. The SRO (Self Regulatory Organization), normally the Exchange which the Firm is a member, requires a fingerprint card on their own form. That's all there is to it, not a big deal.