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  1. I just bought the STC books (2005 edition) and i went thru it pretty fast and started with the exams. Is it true that all the questions on the test are the same as on the disk? I mean if i get 90% on the practice exams is it a lock that i will pass the test?
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    Are you taking the online practice exams off of the cd rom ?
  3. yes
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    The are of the same nature but are not exactly the same.
    I never took the test but bought the STC package and was told by a prop firm owner that if I made 85% or better on all the practice test that I would be fine on the rela thing.
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    Are the exams administered through the SEC or another Federal government agency? If they are the pool of questions should be in the public domain, and then they chose from among that pool for each test. Thats at least how it works for written portion of flight examsthat you take via the FAA.
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    Most of the questions are pretty much the same. If you undertand the material enough to get above 80% on the practice tests you will be fine. Make sure you understand the options part well, when I took it there were many questions on options especially computing profit/breakeven point on straddles/strangles etc. Don't skim over the IRA, 401k and underwritting stuff either.


    PS. Know your bonds.
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    I took the 7 last July (got an 83) and you need to know in order of importance:

    1. Municipal Underwriting
    2. Options
    3. MSRB Regulations
    4. Everything Else
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    Forgot to mention, take as many practice tests until your eyes roll back into your head. I was surprised as to how similar the practice questions were to the real exam with some being identical.
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    Before I took the exam, I went to a 2-week, 8 hr/day class. About 50% of the class was taking the exam for 2nd or more time..... 31% passed overall.

    They TRY to trick you, so be on your toes.
  10. Ok...I just finished the first practice exam. Got a 99%. Only 12 more practice exams to go. These things take forever to finish and they are only 125 questions each. :( Maybe i'll just do 1 a day so my brain wont explode.
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