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    Can anyone give me the study materials that they used to successfully pass the Series 7 exam? Any other tips would be appreciated.

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    Pass Perfect has a series seven guide. It has many parts and is over 1000 pages. The exam isn't hard; it is just a lot of "stuff."
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    I found that passtrak was the most viable. if you live in New York, I can give you a copy of their CD. I don't have a cd-writer, though. so i wouldn't be able to mail you a copy. Anyway, Dearborn is the leader. You may be able to purchase their books on a discount via, or I would also check out

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    Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Ray, I am having trouble finding a web address for Pass Perfect (if it is available). If you have it could you please post it. Thank you.

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    I came across this site. It has a lot of information about the exam. I didn't realize how comprehensive it was (the exam).

    <a href="">Series 7 Exam </a>
  7. Re RAY:

    Do you happen to know the web-address to Pass Perfect? I've searched the web but can't find it.

    Oddmund Grotte
  8. rpc


    Dear Oddmund:

    I purchased Pass Perfect for Series 7 off the net. I like the study guides and questions. I also bought the separate computer exam questions (approx 5000) on disk but, have not installed them yet. Below is the site I purchased the course from and a list of other vendors including Pass Perfect's developer:

    Edward Fleur Financial Education Corp.
    (800) 526-2097

    American Investment Training, Inc.
    (I bought from here. No problems. I am not affiliated with them in any way.)

    Rob Keller from ECHOtrade said that they will put the address for Pass Perfect on their website also.

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  9. Thanks, RPC!
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    STC is the BEST. DO NOT try to learn everything in the book. FOCUS on the tests. Take each test once and circle the answeres you do not know, and bring these study sheets everywhere with you and read them over and over. Then take them again. When you get 90's on all the test you are ready. These security industry tests are all based on test-taking ability. The test is multiple choice so even if you know nothing about the question, but can rule out two answers then it is 50/50 for that question. So even if you know half the test and you can rule out two questions on the other questions you will pass. In fact when I took my Series 24, I didn't even look at the book. I did each test twice and got a 90. The Book is too detailed.

    Who is sponsoring you? They might have study material available for you.
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