Series 7 Continuing Education

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  1. I have to take the Continuing Ed thing for my series 7. Can anyone comment on the difficulty or any prep needed for this thing? I appreciate all inputs. Thank you
  2. It is multiple choice and you really can't fail but keep repeating it there untill you pass. In other words it isn't like the exam itself where you had to study. You are given a scenario and then are tested on it. If you don't get it on the first go-round you are tested again. Just don't go in there "in a rush to get out" and you shouldn't have any problems!
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    You basically just have to click away. Don't stress over it. Its just a matter of how quickly you get through it.

  4. It is the single biggest waste of time created since the renewal of drivers licenses!!!.....I was so pissed off the first time i ever took it ( i was originally grandfathered in then they changed it)...I swear I have repeated this story at countless parties :
    One of the questions on the CE test was:

    A mutual fund is:

    a) A stock
    b) A bond
    c) part of an annuity
    d) an investment into a collection of stocks and or bonds

    I whish the regulators would just send a bill for $150.00 and let us just pay it ....its just a tax on professionals
  5. I was hoping that this was the case. Not for the sake of NOT learning anything, but the original Series 7 test itself, as far as I think, didn't lend too much to my trading skills specifically. So I am glad to know the continuing ed won't require that kind of preparation. Thank you for your responses.
  6. kinda like our bullshit SEC fee increase???
  7. The last one I sat thru took longer than usual, several customer/broker/family related questions......I've never seen a customer (in this business). You're right, nothing that helps "us" as traders! should be a separate exam and CE altogether.