Series 7 Continuing Ed.

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  1. Is everyone keeping their Regulatory Element Continuing Education Program up to date?

    The NASD gives you 120 days after the 2nd Anniversary of your "base-date" to do this.
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    the test is a joke. don't sweat it.
  3. try taking the series 24. 150 questions with a time limit of 3 hours, with a bunch of f**ks taking typing tests in the same room.
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    I'm still not 100% clear on all of this...after you get your license, it expires in two years, even if you're still with a pro firm?
  5. The Series 7 only expires if you are not with a firm. Then it expires if you have not been with a firm for 2 years. Actually it expires 2 years after the U5 date. Contact your State SEC to find out what the U5 date is for your license.

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  6. Yes, I am well aware about the Series 7 license expiring after 2 years without being registered at a broker/dealer.

    Yet, you must understand that there is a CONTINUING EDUCATION rule that requires one to take educational "follow-up" courses, starting ( within 120 days ) of the 2nd Anniversary of your "base" date.

    See the NASD website for details.
  7. In the NASD site it states that you have to be active (have a sponser) to take the educational review.
  8. My company selected some online Educator you go there take the test, actually you just read something and answer the question on the same page and this is it. You have to spend some 30 - 40 minutes. I have done this for series 7 and 55.
    To save the time read the question and then find the answer to avoid reading all this nonsense.
    What especially irritates me is rules about money laundering like I really can do it, I wish I new how though. :p :D :p