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  1. A word of warning about the series 7 refresher requirement, or whatever the hell you call it. I just failed it ! Everybody said how easy it is, that you can't study for it, etc. etc. .... BULL dust !

    Now, I'm not the smartest person, nor am I the dumbest. I've passed the 63 as well as the 7 first time, and now I just failed the one that's supposed to be the easiest. Also just heard of someone else who failed ... so this is just intended to be a heads' up.

    I've aleady dug out the books to prepare to take it again ASAP... if nothing else, I feel that by going through some of that stuff again it will get my mind working considering it's been over 2 years since I took the 7.

    To give you an idea, there are 7 categories with 210 mins. to get through it, ... if you don't get enough answers it keeps revolving you back ad nauseum through that one category ... I got to the second last category with over an hour left, and got bogged down (don't remember anything about custodial accounts and the like) Never did get to the last one. I would've preferred to have had the option of moving on to the last one and then go back to work on the one that was giving me trouble 'cos of seeing the time disappearing.

    There was a thread about this a while back, .... I did a search but can't find it, if anyone knows where it is I'd like to know ...

    I dunno ... maybe I am just dumb ! I sure feel it right now ...

    Tia, XGG

    BTW, didn't know what thread to put this in !
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    About all I can say is you have balls for admitting this on here. It is virtually impossible to fail this "open book" exercise.
    If you get every question wrong, they route you back to the beginning where ALL the answers are. They give you scrap paper and you can write all the answers down to the ones you got wrong. Each time I take this BULLSHIT waste of time exercise I pride myself with beating my Speed Record.
    My record so far is 1 hour and 12 minutes. BTW, that is without reading a single question or answer. If you check EVERY answer TRUE it allows you to continue. You have reached a new low of ELITE stupidity my friend!!!!