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    I earned a bachelors in English and have a lifelong passion for writing (fiction, nonfiction, journalism, etc...). I am now studying for my series 7 (and possibly a 66 afterwards), but I was wondering if I could incorporate two skills into one profession, by becoming a freelance financial writer. I was hoping that I can write to financial magazines, business newspapers, corporate newsletters, and trading websites such as Forbes, CNN/Money, and Fortune. I can interview the best financial minds, profile a company, and cover the market. Is it a good idea? Is it lucrative? By freelance, I am fully aware of the benefits and disadvantages of being on your own. And I know I really don't need a series 7, but I was hoping that a license would give me some credibility. Please, offer me some advise how to pursue just that. Thanks!!
  2. To gain credibility or become marketable you need somthing like CFA that requires 3-4 years reading, and not Series 7
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    It's a good idea if you are passionate about it, which it sounds like you are. And if it is not lucrative, you are going to have to find a way to make it (i.e. Jack Schwager).
  4. I agree a seven will add no real credibility. A CFA is not an open option unless you are already employed in the investment business, it is one of their requirements. There isn't a lot of real free lance writing in the financial world. Most of what you see are actually paid for publicity drops, your best bet would be to submit a sample of your past work to the PR Industry and see if they can throw some work your way.
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    A Series 7 will probably hinder you. Your sponsoring BD will have to "supervise" all of your activities, including your attempts at freelance writing. If your BD does not agree to your writing, you will either have to comply or give up your Series 7. (And even if the BD agreed to allow you to write, I suspect each piece would have to clear the BDs Compliance Department before it could be published.... almost like censorship.)
  6. I'm not sure if i understand what you meant, but if i remember it right you can become a charter holder by trading your own account for 4 years which make up as approx 70% of your daily working activities
  7. You could be right about that, it would only be fair. If you are able to profitably manage your personal account full time for four years than you are already way ahead of most charter holders in ability. Of course it would then take a min. of seven years, and that's a long time.
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    To ImamicPH: Oh, thank you so much... :) I immensely appreciate it.

    And for the others as well, thank you for the information. I appreciate each and everyone of your response: I've learned so much in a few hours. Thanks!