Series 7 and 55

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  1. How close should you schedule your 55 after taking (and presumably passing) the 7? Is the next day too ambitious?
  2. First Look At the Study Materials That You Will Use To Cover Each Test...

    Series 7 Kaplan Book is 600 pages... STC stuff is shorter...

    Then I think you may be able to best judge how to plan your tests...
  3. I studied three weeks for the 7, then after passing that studied another two to three weeks for my series 66, but didn't start studying for the second until the first one was out of the way. That worked well for me, but everyone is different.
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    7 is easy- just alot of basic crap from alot of areas of brokerage biz and can use logic on alot of questions.

    55 is nitty gritty details imo. very annoying. found 55 more difficult- just need to put some time in.
  5. But I don't need 20 pages to explain to me the difference between a put and a call. Due to illness, I'm spending 4 days at home to study for the 7, I heard the 55 is much easier and covers some of the same ground so was wondering if I could knock off both back-to-back. Insane? Give it another weekend to be safe?
  6. Ok, that's news to me. Maybe I should push it to Monday then. PS I have no life and since I'm not behind my desk can devote 14+hrs/day to studying.

  7. WOW!!!!!!!!!:eek: It took me a 5 weeks for the 7, and 3 weeks for the 66.
  8. Muscle'
    Which materials did you use for the 7... ???
  9. I was given "PASS THE SERIES 7" which was only a few hundred widely spaced pages and made things very simple. Coupled that with an STC quiz cd, I studied for basically 3 days straight and passed with an 88.

    I'm now studying for 55 test tomorrow with just STC manual and cd, I think it's better to have 2 different sources (manual and quizzes) just so your not just getting rehashed questions verbatim.
  10. Just squeezed by on the 55, the questions (or answer choices more specifically) were much more difficult in terms of just being pure memorization of rules. There seemed to always be at least 2 plausible choices to guess at.

    Now on to the 63 -- advice anyone?
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