series 7, 55, 63 exams

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  1. i've been lurking around for a while. Now i am wondering how hard are these exams? Could someone new to trading pass them? And what are the exams mostly about ?

  2. The hardest of the 3, in my opinion is the 55, cause of all the rules a regulations you have to remember, with all of there exceptions. The 7 is the next hardest, and the 63 is pretty simple.

    Anyone can pass these exams as long as they study for them. Each person has a different level of intelligence and ability to learn and memorize, so the time to study will vary. Typically for the 7, the study time is anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. The 55 is about 3 -4 weeks, and the 63, 1 to 2 weeks.

    Even though I believe the 55 is the hardest, the reason it takes longer to study for the 7 is because there are more questions and materials to learn.
  3. I just took the 55. Was expecting to fail it the first time, just wanted to get a feel for how hard it was.
    Read the material, took the exams. (4 hrs)
    Read the material, took the exams. (4 hrs)
    When I hit the finish key, thought I was going to get a 50. Ended up passing with a 76.
    Guy next to me studied less than me and got a 74.
    If you can quickly "understand" the material rather than just memorizing everything real quick, IMO the 55 is not that hard.
    Took the 7 very lightly and put in less than 15 hrs and failed with a 68. Then I took the class from STC put in a couple more hours and passed.
    If you study, you will pass. Amount of time it takes....just depends on your level of test taking ability.