Series 7, 55, 63 -- best study materials

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by brigreene, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. brigreene


    What are the best study materials for the exams?
  2. dtiger


    Dearborn or Barron's. I used both and passed my Series 7 and 63 in 4 weeks. 3 weeks later I passed my Series 24 using the Dearborn books. I did not use the CDs.
  3. Do a search on Series 7. This topic has been covered.
  4. i love the cds.....i have a barrons book...dearborn and stc cds...and the options cheet sheet on the way....
  5. I found this site, , looks interesting, check it out. They provide you with exam questions you can practice with. Don't know how good, but take a look. The more you practive the practice tests, the better and more confident you'll be.
  6. MrDinky


    Nice link - only took a couple practice exams but it's much better than or whatever that site is. The questions there are just awful (some are outright wrong).
  7. mjt


    Personally I think Dearborn's materials are the best. Two reasons. First, they give you a ton of questions as you're going along. You may get 100 practice questions by the time you get through the chapter. I always heard how great STC is, but you only get 15-20 practice questions per chapter. You only get a bunch of pracice questions when you do the final exams. I think it's much more productive to reinforce your knowledge as you go along than to wait until you've studied the entire book.

    Second, Dearborn has about 100 'test topic alerts' throughout the book. So you read a few paragraphs, you have no idea what nuggets you're supposed to pull out of it. Then you read the test topic alert, and it tells you what's important out of what you just read. Just reading and understanding these is probably good for about 75 questions.

    What's really good is Dearborn's complete course on CD-Rom. About 2000 practice questions, and you can build an unlimited # of practice tests on any area(s) you want.