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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by MRK, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. MRK


    I’m about to take the Series 65 exam and have a couple of questions. I have a MS Finance degree and three years experience from the financial field.

    Is it a hard test to pass?

    Any good suggestions regarding study material?

    Study only the questions and skip the other reading?
  2. Dogen3


    The series 65 is no big problem. If you have already passed the series 7 or 6 then it is fairly minor compared to either of them. Your degree will not help one bit, however.

    You are probably looking at 20 hours of study time. The material is not that difficult (compared to the 7) and most books have practice tests that are harder than the actual test.
  3. Ditto, same exact experience. About 25-30 hours of study time for me. Test was easier than the sample tests in the book. Don't spend much time trying to remember how to figure costs of goods sold or other balance sheet/income statement type stuff its almost non-existent on the test (atleast the version I took, they may have several but even if they do i doubt its materally different). Lots of those pesky: 1. a 2. a and b, 3. a, c, and d, 4. all of the above, type answers to go with the questions though. I hate those.

  4. I just passed the 65 a week ago. I used the study guide from PassPerfect. It's about $135 for two books, one with the study material and study questions and the other with (6) practice exams. I spent about 25 hrs studying.
  5. MRK


    Thanks for the information. It’s well appreciated