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  1. Anyone have experience with The Securities Institute of America books? I bought it and was kind of disappointed with the little book material I got. Was expecting for a thicker book and wanted to see if anyone has read it and taken the test with it. Don't want to go and take the test unprepared since there is 30 days waiting period if fail. Did a search on this forum about them and find little. Greatly appreciate for any input.
  2. You'd have gotten a very thin book, no matter which version you picked. The 63 exam covers less than 1/10 the material of the series 7. Much of it is simply "you're not supposed to screw over your customers" type common sense.

    Disclaimer: I took my 63 back in 1996, and found it easier than a drunken fat chick. However, they've made the Series 7 much tougher since then, so perhaps the 63 is no longer the complete joke it used to be.
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    I think i prepared for the 63 all of 6-8hrs. Not saying to take it lightly, but a lot of it were common sense questions. I used the book from STC and it was 35 - 45 pages approx. Not big at all.

    There was one person in my office that failed. So definitely do the reading and check over the practice questions.....but it is much simpler than the 7. No need for a full week or two to prepare IMO.
  4. I was told it was easy, thought I aced it, and passed by 5 questions.
  5. Very easy.

    Get question practice sets with correct answers and do them 3 to 5 times until you get each set near perfect.

    You should be able to do them at about twice the rate of time allowed.
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I was just not sure since the book came out to be like 50 pages with big letters. Much different then the 7. I even bought the practice exam so hopefully is enough.
  7. I spent about a month preparing for the S7; about a week or so preparing for the S63. Much less material, but don't take it for granted. I found it to be a lot more memorization of rules, with long series of do's and dont's, with exceptions to many rules sprinkled in for good measure. The S7 seemed easier as there were a few general concepts that could be applied to a large number of questions. My .02 worth
  8. I agree, don't take it for granted. I studied for a few hours, took like 5 practice tests and was in the 80's on all of them, then went and took the test and got a 69. The practice tests were nothing like the real test, the wording was totally different. Studied more and went back, took it a second time and literally had no clue if I passed or not but ended up getting a 88 or 89.
  9. I went ahead and bought STC material as well to make sure I get enough practice. Better be safe then sorry. Thanks again for all the inputs.
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    I took that shit when I was at Lehman was easy. You'll pass no doubt..unless something's wrong with you.

    There are far more challenging exams than the "blue sky 63".
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