Series 6 sponsorship

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  1. I tried to search for this topic, but it wouldn't let me search with "6" as a word making it kind of difficult.

    Are there any ways around the need for sponsorship (NASD employment) for the Series 6 and/or Series 7 examinations?

    Any and all suggestions or help are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Type the following search expression in the Google toolbar at the top of your browser, if you have one, or on their website, with quotes and spacing exactly as shown:

    "series 6"

    At first glance, doesn't seem to provide an answer to your question. Still a worthwhile little hack to know, handy to get around ET's Search limitations any time.
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  4. Thanks for the reply. It looks like that shady school is gone. Oh well :)

    Any other ideas?

  5. Shady school is still there, just check the link.
  6. Silly me. So it is still there. Thanks.


  7. Thank you... I appreciate the input