Series 57 study materials

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  1. kim


    Did you take the live or virtual class also?
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  2. The Series 7 is for stockbrokers, and generally for those who work at brokerage firms such as Schwab, Fidelity, etc. It's a much broader exam and it will cost more to take it and to hold the license at a firm (I think FINRA charges around $500/year).

    The Series 57 is solely for deposit "prop shops" that take capital contributions in exchange for providing you with firm capital (usually at 20 times your equity). It's for day traders who want greater leverage than retail, and won't be helpful outside of the prop world.
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  3. Thanks !
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  4. mj rai

    mj rai

    I did not
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  5. jb3398


    would you like to sell me your study material?
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  6. Joe143


    Anybody have series 57 study material that they are done with and want to sell? Let me know. Thanks
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  7. kim


    I have the STC materials
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    Anyone selling their Series 57 study material that passed?
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  9. jumper


    I'm also interested in the Series 57 material if anyone is selling.
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  10. can someone share the e-version of either stc or knobman, will share a few trading books in return
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