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    Hi, I just bought the official study kit with all the questions online from the CBOE plus the book. Will this get me to pass if I study it thoroughly? Studied crap books before and failed so I wanna know if this one is legit. Or if anyone has a better book to suggest? Thanks.



    I bought a Pass Perfect study material off Ebay 2 months ago. It came w/ 5-10 extra practice tests.

    The Pass Perfect helped alot. The BEST were the sample tests that were very similar acutal test questions.

    I passed w/ a 90%. The guy I bought it from passed w/ like an 87%.

    I did STUDY for the test. I maybe spent 20 to 25 hours studying.

    There were a few questions on the test that was not in the material.
    And I guessed.

    The CBOE material only prepared me 1/2 way. The extra tests REALLY helped!

    PM me if you are interested. I want to sell my since I passed. I will shortly list it on ebay at some point.

    I just checked Ebay, has one Pass Perfect study guide listed. Mine is MUCH better because of the extra test & 2 peoples study notes.