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    for someone new to the industry, who isn't really trading options (only index futures) it seems largely irrelevant and out of my spectrum/league

    not only that, but it's preventing me from doing what i love, which is trade so i'm trying to take it on...but...

    where can one get study materials? i've heard the CBOE practice stuff isn't actually relevant and that people who studied it front and back failed, no one on this forum seems to indicate that they have found a good resource yet...

    i'm surprised this isn't more discussed

    p.s. i'm not willing to pay more than $200 to practice this thing
  2. I am interested in this as well. What study material are people using that have passed?
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    last i heard this is just as ineffective as the stuff released by CBOT
  4. I'm not sure exactly what pass perfect offers. People said it was okay to pass the test and I believe them. So read the book ONCE only, and don't go crazy. just read it Then take the practice exams over and over all day long until you can get 85% or better CONSISTENTLY and I would be aiming for 90's. (Note on first test expect like 50 60 if your lucky. A 40 still is fine. Once your hitting 85+ all the time you should get 70% or better on The series 56 when you go and take it in real life. This is how I passed the 7 and if need be, pass the series 56. These tests will probably be long and annoying and take1- 2-3 hours at a time just to take with another hour or more of review just for one test. I would guess there should be like 10 or so tests
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    why do i have to learn options, i've put it off forever, they are too complicated, i swear....

    theres just some things i can't wrap my brain around...options are one of them

    why is this test supposedly almost completely about options? i don't even trade options...
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    I've taken the Series 56....and there really aren't many questions about options. I spent a lot of time studying the option-side of things for the exam and it did me no good.

    I made a 63 on my first exam, and I am scheduled to take it again in a few weeks. The new study guide/practice exams I received are much more reflective of the actual questions on the exam, but unfortunately it is an in-house study guide from T3 that only T3 members can get. It was developed after interviewing traders that had actually taken the exam....
  7. I don't know. why does a stockbroker have to learn about options in order to dial a telephone. The options part sucks. Stop crying about it.
  8. I ordered the Pass Perfect material....I will keep everyone posted.
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    i got the CBOE stuff so i'll keep you posted as well
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