Series 56 Study Guide

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  1. For CBSX traders, the series 56 is a bitch. I know. I took it. The passperfect guide was okay but it going into too much detail about simple stuff. I wonder if it's a "our study guide is twice as thorough" marketing deal.

    Anyway, for those interested in cutting through a lot of the grunt, I've found these great outlines. If you're taking a 7, all of this stuff is covered plus additional securities, so either way it's the best free stuff online I've found.

    a longer outline -

    a shorter outline -
  2. Thanks. What would people recommend for a complete noob? I have the CBOE book and Pass Perfect. I could obviously spend months trying to remember everything that's in them. I hear that the options section in Pass Perfect is overkill and it's almost 200 pages.

    I was thinking of memorizing everything in the CBOE Review which is only a little over 30 pages + the learning the options section. Then seeing how I do on the Pass Perfect test.